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Be Empowered in 2023


Come and Celebrate our Bi-Annual Holistic & Spiritual Art Expo in Virginia Beach.

The Int’l Conscious Connection Holistic & Spiritual Art Expo has been gathering an assortment of unique companies that stem from the metaphysical and spiritual services that includes practitioners and artists from across the USA. These experts focus on education, healing and motivating individuals to become more active in their health and life style.

The expo will be held at Virginia Wesleyan University, Virginia Beach.   The Expo is a unique opportunity to learn about many of the holistic and wellness products that are available to help enhance or improve your quality of life. We take pride in show casing our returning and new vendors and readers to each event.  Not all our exhibitors have products and services which can help everyone, but they all have something that can help someone. And we do it all under one roof, in a safe environment to make sure you are making the best life changes that will enhance or improve your quality of life.




A non-profit organization that helps prevent child sexual abuse through education, detection and referral. Through its Emmy award-winning marionette program, "Simon Says Just Tell" children learn to recognize, prevent and disclose abuse in a safe, non-threatening environment.


We are donating  a percentage of the entrance fee  to them to help run more classes and educate the children from this form of abuse.


Lets do this together, protect and empower our children.

Aromatherapy,  Astrology,  Alternative Therapies, Animal Communication, Aura Reading, Beauty Products, Crystals, Gem stones, Health & Wellness Products,  Healing,  Henna Prayers, Intuitive Arts, Jewellery,  Mediums,   Natural Healing, Palmistry, Psychics,  Tarot, Reiki, Spirit Art, Soaps and so much much more...

FREE LECTURES every hour
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