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Booth Rates

FEBRUARY 1st - 2nd 2020 & August 29-30

Early Bird Discount  - Full Payment by 10th October 2019 for Feb 2020. 

                                   Full Payment by 10th March 2020 for August 2020



TABLE TOPS:  8'wide X 6'depth

Includes: One 6ft long x 2ft wide skirted table, 2 chairs, 2 Badges.

  • Price:  $170.00  

  • Early Bird Special: $140.00 


Table: T-17, corner 2 Tables = $200. Early B​ird: $180.00

READERS BOOTH:                 6'wide X 8'depth

Includes: One 4' Table & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price:  $210.00  

  • Early Bird Special: $180.00 

SMALL BOOTH:                    8'wide X 8'depth

Includes: One 6' Table & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price: $260.00

  • Early Bird Special: $230.00

SMALL CORNER BOOTH:      8'wide X 8'depth

Includes: Two x 6' Tables & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price: $305.00  

  • Early Bird Special: $275.00

 MEDIUM BOOTH:                   10'wide X 8'depth

Includes: One x 6' Table & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price: $325.00  

  • Early Bird Special: $295.00


MEDIUM CORNER BOOTH:  10'wide X 8'depth

Includes: Two x 6' Tables & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price: $375.00  

  • Early Bird Special: $345.00


Includes: Four x 6' Tables & 4 Chairs, 4 Badges

  • Price: $740.00  

  • Early Bird Special: $710.00

 LARGE BOOTH:                        10'wide X 10' depth

Includes:  One x 6' Table  & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price: $385.00    

  • Early Bird Special: $355.00


 LARGE DOUBLE BOOTH:        20'wide X 10' depth

Includes:  Two x 6' Tables  & 3 Chairs, 3 Badges

  • Price: $750.00    

   Early Bird Special: $720.00

LARGE CORNER BOOTH:       10'wide X 10' depth

Includes:  Two x 6' Tables  & 2 Chairs, 2 Badges

  • Price: $450.00    

  • Early Bird Special: $420.00

ELECTRIC = $30.00 per 2 days

Is available, payment to be made to  Spirit Guided Portraits, please add this amount with your booth payment.



Select your the Booth number from the floor plan,  fill in the  Application form, press the SUBMIT button, this will take you directly to PayPal (fill in the amount and include electric amount) to make your payment, or mail a check to us, details below.


At  the  bottom  of  the  APPLICATION PAGE, open the PDF file, print, sign and return it to us via email or mail a copy.


There is an additional charge of $75 to share a booth, both parties must fill in the forms separately, only one name on the booth signage.


Is the yellow section shown on the floor plan and will have 8' back & side drapes. NO PRODUCTS can be sold in the readers booths.



Will be decorated with 3’ side drapes. Color: Purple & Gold. All tables will be covered and skirted. All booths will be provided with one waste basket and an Identification Booth Sign 7” x 44” .


Are available if you book in advance, by sending us an email stating your requirements. Tables come with skirt and table covering or you may bring your own if you need extra.

4ft tables = $10.00 each

6ft tables = $20.00 each

Chairs = $3.00 each

LECTURES: 45 minutes  $25

Are available only for  Vendors/Exhibitors and is based on a first come first served basis, there is a limited number of slots available. Please submit Lecture Application Form.


ADDITIONAL COST for: Mic, white board, projector, TV, screen etc, please contact us for hotel package.


Upon filling in the Application Form, click the SUBMIT button, it will take you directly to PayPal, otherwise follow the details below.

Payment via PayPal to:          spiritguidedportraits@gmail.com


Checks in the name of: Spirit Guided Portraits LLC. and mailed to the address below:

Holistic & Spiritual Art Expo

P.O.Box: 262,

1340  N. Great Neck Rd. Suite #1272,

Virginia Beach, VA 23454-2268. USA