Children Activies



Held by

                     Spiritual Renaissance Kid's Summer Camp and  

Spectrum Puppets

At our February Expo this year Spiritual Renaissance Kid's Summer Camps and Spectrum Puppetserrtree will be  sharing a mindful puppet show as well as joining in with the magic as well as offering Mindful children's activities and games for everyone to enjoy!


They will be sharing the magic of their Jedi Camp and Harry Potter themed Ilvermorny Camp with the kid's at the Expo 


Activities will include:

-Mindful potions!

-Force Levitation demos!

-Wand making!

-Force building exercises (Qi gong for kids)!

-Light saber training and play!

-Muggle Quidditch demos!

-Team building games for both camp themes!

-And more!


Join them each day of the Holistic and Spiritual Art Expo from 10:30am - 3:30pm as they share the Power of the Force and the Magic of Harry Potter with your children!


This part of the Expo is offered for FREE!

1120 Eden Way N

Chesapeake, Virginia                  Call (757) 822-8675