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To attend any of these 2 hour workshops, please either go to the Workshop Registration page and pre-book your seat, alternatively you may purchase your ticket during the Expo.  A Confirmation of your Registration, as well as updates,  will be sent to the email address you provided!   Your ticket will be available for pick up at the Registration Counter at the Front Entrance of the Int’l Conscious Connections Holistic & Spirit Art Expo.


Please arrive 15 mins before the workshop commences.


SATURDAY:  11am – 1pm                                            Attendance Fee: $35.00




Speaker:                                                                                         Readers Booth: 


Description: In this workshop Jenny will give a brief history and examples of Spirit Art.

She will demonstrate how to connect and produce your very own Spirit Art for yourself

or others. (Materials will be provided)


SATURDAY:  1pm – 3pm                                              Attendance Fee: $35.00


Title Finding Spirituality in Your Everyday Life


Speaker:  Frank Arjava Petter and Julie Lomas                                                   Booth: 2


Description:  The spiritual and the mundane of our lives are not two separate aspects but are the two faces of a coin, they belong together. All that matters in your life is your 'attitude'. If worldly affairs are dealt with in a spiritual way you will find peace and feel more connection with all that is. If spiritual things are dealt within a materialistic way ie, always wanting / manifesting more than the spiritual this is not spiritual at all. Whereas if worldly things are dealt with a spiritual attitude both sides of the spectrum melt into one another and become one. In this workshop we will:- Explore, Discover and Learn simple exercises to take home from this active fun workshop Bring a note pad and a pen!



​​SATURDAY:  3pm – 5pm                                              Attendance Fee: $35.00


Title:      Learn the Secrets of the Tarot


Speaker:  Philip Young                                                                        Readers Booth: 13


Description: Join Philip Young as he does a workshop demonstrating the power of tarot reading.  Attendees will select and keep two cards from a tarot deck that Philip will bring and he will read attendee cards while explaining the history and practice of tarot reading.  If he does not read your cards in the workshop, email him after the event and he will read the cards you selected by email or over the phone.


SATURDAY:  5pm – 7pm                                               Attendance Fee: $35.00


Title:   Big House Healing Drum Circle Experience


Speaker:  Paul Mozley                                                                                    Booth: 189


Description:  Come and soak in a divine atmosphere of healing while a drum circle brings in an eternal peace that penetrates your being.   A two minute explanation will begin the workshop and the rest is all experiential.  

​​SUNDAY: 11am – 1pm                                                    Attendance Fee: $35.00


Title:   Become Your Own Psychic: Personal Prophesy

               Card Reading Workshop


Speaker:    Deborah Leigh                                                                      Booth:  5


Description:  If you have always wanted to learn how to give yourself and others incredibly accurate readings, join Deborah for this exciting revolutionary workshop learning how to read ordinary playing cards by the Personal Prophesy method. You will leave with enough hard copy material to make you a star at every gathering.

SUNDAY: 1pm – 3pm                                                    Attendance Fee: $35.00       


Title:  An Afternoon of Messages From Beyond


Speaker:  Vincent Genna. MSW                                                                                      Booth: 9


Description: With internationally, renowned Psychic Medium, Vincent Genna, you can look forward to an afternoon full of inspiration and magic. He will forever transform your life and change your feelings about death and living, as he delivers messages of love, comfort, forgiveness, and healing weaved through the evidential memories and specific details loved ones in spirit wish to impart! You have NEVER experienced Mediumship as powerful and quite like this.


SUNDAY:  3pm – 5pm                                                       Attendance Fee: $35.00


Title:   Learning to Forgive with Archangel Uriel


Speaker:    Julie Lomas                                                                                     Booth: 2


Description: Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future, learn to free yourself from this sorrow and live in peace. Forgiveness is very powerful; to forgive and forget is to reflect love. Un-forgiveness and guilt are toxic, it destroys us, our soul and the others around us. Learn to open your heart and free yourself from sorrow. Working with the healing energy of Archangel Uriel, the Angel of truth, justice, and forgiveness, he bring us emotional harmony and mental clarity. This is an active and profound workshop





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