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 Time:  12pm – 1pm                         (Booth: 138)             


Title:  New Earth Emerges from  Self-Mastery


Speaker: Albert C Moore


Description:  Albert Moore is the author of Eyes in The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul.  In this presentation Al will take you on a journey to the Swing Between Worlds, the non-physical dimension where our Soul's design our human incarnations.

In this dimension, all our endeavors are guided by the Unity of all thins. Albert will share elements of his practice of Self-Mastery that allows him to travel here regularly like he does in his book. In Self-Mastery, ego's dominance over our thoughts, feelings and action is significantly diminished allowing us to live our Soul's Essence, our authentic and orginal way of BEING. Sharing our Essence, a New Earth emerges.

Time:   1pm – 2pm                           (Booth:  159)


Title:    Heidi E. Kent, M.A., CM, C.Ht. and

              Rev. Dr. Marsha G. Cook, C.Ht.

Speaker:  Palmistry-Numerology,

                   The Keys to Your Kingdom


Description: Before you were born, your brilliant soul wrote everything you wanted to accomplish in this life…you wrote it in your hand and in your numbers!


On the wings of magic come and learn the finer points of the hand, spend time with a Master Palmist and with a Master Numerologist and learn about the magical aspects of each!

Time:  2pm – 3pm                       (Booth: R12)


Title:    The ICU Academy, Inspiring Children

               Universally  to "See" without their

               physical eyes

Speaker:  Terri Bowden

Description:  Terri will explain how the ICU programme from the United Kingdom is an exciting development technique for children all around the world. 

Children are taught how to 'see' without their physical eyes, to 'see' with their Higher Consciousness, it is an amazing way to work with children to expand their minds, awareness, learning capabilities and develop their natural gifts.

Time:  4pm - 5pm                     (Booth: R01) 


Title:    Diving Deep into the Divine


Speaker:   Lillian Pederson

Description:  So many people want this connection to the Divine and forget to include steps in their daily lives to have it.  In this lecture we will cover: Making the decision to shift, learning what steps to take, making time in your schedule and how to implement these steps successfully into your life.  Connect, have this intimacy with the Divine and start or enhance your connection to the Divine today!  Join Lillian and learn, connect and continue your evolution now! 

Time:   5pm – 6pm             (Booth: 109 & 110)


Title:   Investigating Virginias


Speaker:  Jeff Santos & Linda Cassada

Description: Virginia Paranomral Investigations will feature an introduction to paranormal anamolies including the history of paranormal investigation, how to apply and use paranormal research tools and equipment and reviewing evidence.


Learn the difference between natural photographic anomalies and possible photographic evidence. Also, hear the legends and lore of some of Virginia’s most haunted locations.

Jeff Santos is the founder of Virginia Paranormal Investigations and author of “Ghosts of Yorktown: A Haunted Tour Guide” and Linda Cassada has been a paranormal investigator with VAPI for five years. She specializes in audio analysis and evidence review.

Time:   4pm – 5pm                     Booth: 140

Title:  The Sound of Soul - HU


Speaker:  Tammy Attama


Description:  Love is love. And you are that. HU is the Sound of Soul. Learn to sing this sacred word. It brings alignment with your true purpose and highest good. You will never be the same.

Time:  5pm - 6pm                              (Booth: 143) 


Title:  Pain Free, More Joy and Balance


Speaker:  Sue Wallace

Description:  Magnetic intuitive Sue Wallace demonstrates her ability to read health concerns and pain areas, then performs balancing and allevites the problems. She teaches what areas of your body create all symtons known as disease, past lives, radiation protection, Cayce's diet and many topics will be covered.

 Lecture Room:1

 Lecture Room:2


Time:  12pm – 1pm                        (Booth: R08)


 Title:   Learn Automatic Writing


Speaker:     Tina Bliss


Description: Automatic Writing is one way we receive messages from spirit. Today we work with the angelic realm, spirit guides and the universe. We will start with a grounding, centering and protecting meditation to create a sacred space.


Prophets, Musicians and Artists have been known to channel their work through messages, we will write the messages that are lead by spirit. Please bring a pad and pen with you to attend.  

Time:    1pm – 2pm            (Booth:157 )  

Title:  The 8 Clair Senses and Meditation

              to Open Your Psychic Gifts


Speaker:   Kathy Lamm

Description:  Indentify your spiritual psychic senses, connect with your higher self, a higher level of Spiritual teacher, learn about your own gifts and abilities through accessing the Akashic Records. Learn about the 8 clair senses followed by a meditation is designed to stimulate and open your third eye.

As a healer, my goal is to lead you to the information that will transform your life in a positive direction; to aid in healing body mind and spirit; and help you grow on the cellular and soul level.

Time:   2pm – 3pm                     (Booth: 127)

Title:  Instant Healing Through the 

             Mystical Power of Love


Speaker:  Yosef Nevi'im


Description:  Many seek physical healing and many forms of physical healing take years to experience, but Shira and Yosef Nevi'im will demonstrate that physical healing can be instant through the Mystical Power of Love.


Come see what many have called a miracle as participants receive instant healing of a wide variety of physical ailments to include but not in anyway limited to physical ailments in the back, neck, stomach, hips, knees, feet and much, much more. Participants will experience sensations of heat, tingling, muscle movement, cold or the sudden easing of pain and immobility and experience emotions of joy, peace, oneness and love. Witness the ancient art of Prophetic Mysticism.

Time:  3pm – 4pm           (Booth: 113) 

Title:  Soul Transformation &

             Energy Workshop

Speaker:     Lynne MacDonald 


Description:   Master Soul Transformation Group Event Clearing/Healing:  Come and Experience Super Advanced Soul Transformational Energy Work.  


The price for one hour is usually $150.  In this Exclusive class with Master Teacher and Healer, Lynn Rene MacDonald, you will Receive the Benefits of a Soul Transformation for the amazing price of $50, as Lynn’s belief is that Everyone should be able to access the Essentials needed to Super Advance in their Spiritual Journey.  

Time:   12pm – 1pm                       (Booth: 113 )  

Title:  Game Changing Clearing Class


Speaker: Lynn MacDonaold

Description: This class is designed to clear all the unwell that is in your soul that is not working for you.  


Bring your notebook with your list of things you are not happy about within yourself or your Life, and we will clear them from all that you are and your soul.  Get ready for fantastic life changes!  

Time:    1pm – 2pm                       (Booth: 108)


Title:   Into the Rhythm of the Unseen


Speaker:  Rev  Ingrid Jolly, DD

Description:   Into the Rhythm of the Unseen World: It is very important to know the difference between created light and living light to clear the inner path for the wisdom of our soul to manifest. Equally, how can we embody the essence of the elements of our natural world? Could it be that the Crystalline Diamond Light Ray is the ultimate magician and our natural partner in uniting the “seen and the unseen world?”


Do join me and with sacred intent let’s practice a little and be invincible stewards of all sentient life on Earth & the Universe. Handouts will be available.

Time:    2pm – 3pm                       (Booth: R01 )  

Title:  Let go, Heal & Clear, and Fill with

              Positive Energy! 


Speaker:   Lillian Pederson

Description: Tired of feeling tired or just not having enough energy to do all of the things you want to do in your life? Join Lillian as she guides you through a visualization to clean and clear the past, download fresh new energy and feel great in a few minutes.


This is something you can do at home and she will be providing a CD for your personal use at the end of this session!  Lillian has been helping people let go of their past and live fully now for 20 years!

Time:  3pm – 4pm              (Booth: 109 &110) 

Title:   Investigating Virginias


Speaker: Jeff Santos &  Linda Cassada


Description:   Master Soul Transformation Group Event Clearing/Healing:  Come and Experience Super Advanced Soul Transformational Energy Work.  


The price for one hour is usually $150.  In this Exclusive class with Master Teacher and Healer, Lynn Rene MacDonald, you will Receive the Benefits of a Soul Transformation for the amazing price of $50, as Lynn’s belief is that Everyone should be able to access the Essentials needed to Super Advance in their Spiritual Journey.  


 Please arrive 15 mins before the lecture commences.

 Lecture Room:1

 Lecture Room:2

Time:   11am – 12pm                   (Booth:157 )       


Title:   7 Powerful Marketing Strategies

               for Spiritual Business.


Speaker:  kathy Lamm

Description:  When you decided to start your own spiritual business, offering the world your heart-based services,  you knew that in order for you to serve the world, the world has to know you exist. Your task is to help people to find out about your work in a spiritually aligned way, but how?  During this workshop, you will learn 7 powerful strategies and the tools to attract the right clients.

Kathy is not only a Transpersonal Psychic Medium but also an Award-Winning Marketer with over 35 years in the field. Currently, she is the Director of Marketing for a Company here in Virginia Beach and simultaneously owns, runs and markets her own spiritual business Connect 2 Spirit.

Time:  3pm - 4pm                      (Booth: R05) 


Title:  Fairies, Gnomes: Myth or Reality


Speaker:  Lai Ubberud

Description:  Do they really exist or are they a product of our imagination? Lai  will explore the history of fairies and elementals and will explain how they are viewed in different countries. She will also tell some personal stories and ask the audience to share some of their experiences. If you have photos of fairies, orbs or leprechauns, please bring them. 

Time:    11am – 12pm                       (Booth: 113 )  

Title:  Your Past Lives & How They Connect 

             to Everything  That is You


Speaker:   Lynne MacDonald 

Description: This lecture will discuss how your past lives are present in your energy today and everything that you are.  We will talk about how behaviors manifest from past lives as well as our talents and gift, and how that energy manifests in our 3D reality.

Time:   12pm – 1pm                    (Booth: A02)       


Title:   The Mystical Healing of Egypt

Speaker:  Beverly Elba


Description:  Learn about the ancient and modern techniques used by the mystic healers of Egypt including use of sacred healing oils for clearing the chakras. This will be an interactive workshop with live demos and guided imagery healing meditation.

Time:   1pm – 2pm                      (Booth: 145 & 152)


Title: CBD Curiosities Explained


Speaker:  Sophia & Rita Woods


Description:  CBD Curiosities Explained is an informative presentation about how to incorporate hemp-derived CBD into a health & wellness lifestyle for pain, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD and more. Presented by HEMP HOUSE WELLNESS co-founders, Sophia & Rita Woods, the lecture will explain the difference between CBD, THC and other cannabinoids within the spectrum of Cannabis extractions.


Additional topics will include the different ways of taking CBD (aka: bio-availabilities) as well as how to compare milligrams, concentrations and doses across different products. Question & Answer session to follow.

Time:   2pm – 3pm                 (Booth: 132)


Title:  Heal Your Body & Transform Your  

             Life with Sound


Speaker:  Estaryia Venus


Description: Join Estaryia as she shares with you the healing and rejuvenating power of sound for the body, the brain and raising your vibration accelerating your personal transformation. She'll present how sound effects your nervous system and increases longevity.


Estaryia explains how sound can release old limiting beliefs so you can create a positive future and life. She will guide you into a sound frequency attunement and meditation where you will experience some of the transformative power and benefits of sound.


Time:   3pm – 4pm                 (Booth: R03)


Title:  How to Calm and Quiet the    

             Mind Chatter


Speaker:  Julie A Starr


Description: Teaching how meditation, Prayer and other healing modalities; walking The Labyrinth, essential oils, stones, herbs etc. are essential in quieting the voices in our head and relieving stress in our life. These tools are important to use in the teaching of walking/living in heart knowledge instead of just head knowledge creating peace and harmony. I have a traveling labyrinth to teach how to use the labyrinth if time