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 Please arrive 10 mins before the lecture commences.
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Time:   11am – 12pm                   (Booth: R08)       


Title: Practical Application of Frequency

            &  Vibration for Manifestation


Speaker:  kathy Lamm

Description: Explore practical application exercises that helps you understand the difference between frequency and vibration;


  • Recognize and employ your own ability to shift your mental, physical and spiritual vibration.

  • Control, direct and scale vibration and frequency within your body

  • Understand that managing and maintaining your vibration creates frequency and applying amplitude is what creates your reality.


Plus, A Mind, Body, Spirit meditation experience with Medium and Intuitive Life Coach, kathy Lamm

Time:  12pm – 1pm                    (Booth: 224)             


Title:   Introducing Tibetan Astrology    


Speaker:  Keith Miller


Description: Combining principles and concepts from ancient Indian and Chinese traditions, Tibetan astrology is truly unique. Come see this beautiful system of calculation, and how it is used to determine good and bad days for nearly any activity.


You'll learn about the Tibetan approach to the five Chinese elements and twelve animal signs, as well as the Indian-originated systems of lunar mansions, conjunctions, and yogas. You'll also find out about the four aspects of your life, and how annual obstacle calculation can help you plan for the rough spots each year and clear them away.

Keith Headshot.jpg

Time:   1pm – 2pm                (Booth:  107)


Title:    Heal Thy Self! Secrets to

               Manifesting Your Best Year!


Speaker:  Dr. J.P. Amonte, DC, BS, CMT  

                     (Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.)


Description: Dr. Jean Paul (JP) Amonte a licensed chiropractor, massage therapist, and hypnotherapist. currently serves as Clinician of the A.R.E. Health Center & Spa and Lead Instructor of the Massage School. Dr. Amonte will share insights from many sources including Edgar Cayce, to help you manifest your best year in 2020 to achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Each participant will learn many methods to immediately apply and  gain a deeper understanding of the interaction of the body and mind. Topics will include breathwork, yoga, exercise, meditation, hypnosis, anti-aging, detoxification, sound healing, massage, manipulation, hydrotherapy, and herbal remedies. If you're interested in natural healing for the body, mind, and spirit, then you don't want to miss this seminar!



Time:   2pm – 3pm                    (Table: T-02)       


Title:   Healing Secrets of Ancient

              Egypt & Edgar Cayce!

Speaker:  Beverly Elba


Description:  You will learn the importance of Acid/Alkaline balance, effect of attitudes and emotions on our physical/mental health, we will also delve in to the top Healing Remedies from the Edgar Cayce material - and experience sacred healing techniques from ancient Egypt… interactive healing demonstrations with audience.  I will be giving away some books and intuitive readings.


Time:  3pm – 4pm                        (Booth: R04)


 Title:   Learn Automatic Writing


Speaker:     Tina Bliss


Description: Automatic Writing is one way we receive messages from spirit. Today we work with the angelic realm, spirit guides and the universe. We will start with a grounding, centering and protecting meditation to create a sacred space.


Prophets, Musicians and Artists have been known to channel their work through messages, we will write the messages that are lead by spirit. Please bring a pad and pen with you to attend.  

Time:   4pm – 5pm                     (Booth: 302)

Title:  SOUL TRAVEL - Awaken to the most

             secret and sacred part of yourself.


Speaker:  Tammy Attama


Description:  Discover how Soul Travel can help you step out of the crowd and master your spiritual destiny. Learn techniques to understand who you really are, know more love and gain valuable insights to improve the quality of your life every day.


Soul Travel transcends astral or mind travel, and rote prayer, elevating one into profound spiritual areas. Whenever Soul reaches the far orbits of the inner planes through Soul Travel, the human heart opens to God's all-consuming love. —Harold Klemp, Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Time:  5pm – 6pm           (Table: 10) 

Title:  Soul Transformation & Energy 

              WORKSHOP .  ($50)

Speaker:     Lynne MacDonald 


Description:Master Soul Transformation Group Event Clearing/Healing:  Come and Experience Super Advanced Soul Transformational Energy Work.  


The price for one hour is usually $150.  In this Exclusive class with Master Teacher and Healer, Lynn Rene MacDonald, you will Receive the Benefits of a Soul Transformation for the amazing price of $50, It is Lynn’s belief is that Everyone should be able to access the Essentials needed to Super Advance in their Spiritual Journey.  

Time:    11am – 12pm                       (Table: 10)  

Title:  Your Past Lives & How They Connect 

              to Everything  That is You


Speaker:   Lynne MacDonald 

Description: This lecture will discuss how your past lives are present in your energy today and everything that you are.  We will talk about how behaviors manifest from past lives as well as our talents and gift, and how that energy manifests in our 3D reality.

 Time:  12pm – 1pm                         (Booth: 304)            


Title:   Into the Rhythm of the Unseen World


Speaker: Rev Ingrid Jolly


Description:  Into the Rhythm of the Unseen World: It is very important to know the difference between created light and living light to clear the inner path for the wisdom of our soul to manifest. Equally, how can we embody the essence of the elements of our natural world? Could it be that the Crystalline Diamond Light Ray is the ultimate magician and our natural partner in uniting the “seen and the unseen world?”


Do join me and with sacred intent let’s practice a little and be invincible stewards of all sentient life on Earth & the Universe.

Ingrid 4-300dpi.jpg

Time:   3pm – 4pm                 (Booth: 214)


Title:  I Am an Empath. Why Do I Feel



Speaker:  Eileen Strange


Description: This lecture will bring clarity to the difference between a highly sensitive person and an Empath and guide parents to recognise traits in their children or family members that might make them "different" because of this trait.


Often  Empaths have a different learning style and way to process their feelings, we will talk about this in depth in terms of different learning styles and expectations projected on an Empath. We will discuss why people  that are born Empaths, often they never become one but rather learn to please which brings about many other pitfalls. Why would an Empath be  attracted to a Narcissist and a Narcissist be  attracted to an Empath?

This will be an very interactive lecture woven with music that will speak to the soul of an Empath as well as Highly Sensitive People. --"What would it be like to have a community where Empaths didn't have to feel "alone" or so very "different".

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Time:  2pm – 3pm                       


Title:     Inspiring Children  to "See" without

                their  physical eyes

Speaker:  Terri Bowden

Description:  Terri will explain how the ICU programme from the United Kingdom is an exciting development technique for children all around the world. 

Children are taught how to 'see' without their physical eyes, to 'see' with their Higher Consciousness, it is an amazing way to work with children to expand their minds, awareness, learning capabilities and develop their natural gifts.

Time:  4pm - 5pm                     (Booth: 108)  


Title:    The Next Wave of Water



Speaker:  Halsey W. Snow


Description:  You are a water being, and water is not understood by science, even to this day. This seminar will raise your “water consciousness” by explaining how Structured Water (water in its natural state) is essential to health, how this is different from other waters, and how processing of water results the loss of this essential structure.


Sacred Geometry, in the form of the Golden Ratio - found throughout nature - affects the energetic vitality of food and water. Features the pioneering work of Dr. Masaru Emoto on the crystalline structure of water and water's ability to respond to human intention.


Time:  5pm - 6pm                      (Table: T-05) 




Speaker:  Shelly Kiko

Description:  One Witch Practitioners take on The Craft; Past, Present and Future. Dispelling the myth's and reclaiming the title Witch.

Time:  1pm – 2pm     (Children Activities) 

Title:   Healing Harmonics:

               Breathwork and Sound

Speaker: Rev. Brien Egan CHt, CRM, CKRM


Description:  This will be a cooperative experience as we learn how to use our own sound with the bowls to create healing while aligning with our own breath and inner rhythm.


The breath has profound applications for healing and letting go of disturbances we hold in our energy field and the more we focus in on that one most simple, yet sacred practice, the more we are able to heal and transform. Adding the element of sound to syncopated breathing and movement has transformed my life these past 20 years I have been working with deep yogic breathwork in my own practice and I am excited to share it in a clear applicable way.


The class will conclude with a deep immersive interactive personal sound healing experience.

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 Lecture Room:2

 Lecture Room:1

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 Please arrive 10 mins before the lecture commences.

 Lecture Room:1

 Lecture Room:2

Time:  12pm - 1pm                   (Booth: 227) 


Title:  Healthy Self - Heal Thy Self


Speaker:  Dr Marco Accordo

Description: The human body is an

amazing healing organism! That healing power comes from within each of us. It does not come from outside of us, from a bottle of pills or from a surgeon's scalpel. The union of man the physical and man the spiritual is called life. The separation of man the physical and man the spiritual is called death. Health and wellness is a measure of the strength of that connection.


During this lecture we explore the amazing healing powers of the human body, and how that power stems from our spiritual and physical connection via the tissues of nervous system.

Time:   1pm – 2pm                (Table: T-17)

Title:  Expansion through Light Language


Speaker:  Becky Keller


Description:  Light language includes

spoken, danced, or written channeled multidimensional information that is best understood at the soul level.


Becky is a fluent conduit for high vibrational spoken light language, using it within her sacred healing and energy work. Many people are attracted to light language and aren't sure why, so we will explore some of the reasons in this lecture.


In addition to speaking directly to the soul, these encoded messages often include healing frequencies and/or remembrances from past lifetimes. Light language can often facilitate releasing stuck emotions, balance your energy field, assist with healing, and activate your DNA in new ways. Light language is a language of the heart, of the soul, of your higher self, and your multidimensional guides. Becky will share some of her experiences and understanding of light languages and then channel for a few people if time allows.



Time:   2pm – 3pm                       (Table 10)  

Title:  Game Changing Clearing Class


Speaker: Lynn MacDonaold

Description: This class is designed to clear all the unwell that is in your soul that is not working for you.  


Bring your notebook with your list of things you are not happy about within yourself or your Life, and we will clear them from all that you are and your soul.  Get ready for fantastic life changes!  

Time:  3pm – 4pm            (Table: T-18)  

Title:  Spiritual Growth and the

             Rules of the Mind


Speaker:    Raquelle Hill, 

                     The Memorial Spiritualist Church

Description:  The seventh Principles that Spiritualists recite at every service Is “We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey nature’s physical and spiritual laws. " This Principle  tells us we have the ability to make ourselves happy or unhappy.  It isn’t about what someone has done to us.  It isn’t about how and where we were born or the family we were born into.  It’s about what we do and say to and about ourselves that contributes to our ability to be happy or not.  

This lecture is going to invite you to start viewing your growth and responsibilities for that growth, by examining the “Rules of the Mind” and how using them can help you to learn, evolve spiritually, and materialize changes in your life.  

Time:  12pm – 1pm            (Table: T-09)  

Title:  Language in Numbers


Speaker:   Winter Savage


Winter will explain how numbers have

a deeper meaning and how the meaning of the numbers very from person to person including how numbers can help people identify their purpose, career path, future, compatibility and much more…


Winter’s lecture will be interactive with the audience using numerology to understand the meaning of their name and birthday.


Time:    1pm – 2pm               (Table: T-03)  

Title:  The Intergalactic Classroom &

             Becoming a Galactic Human


Speaker:   Paul Billins Henington

Description: Paul will discuss highlights

from his book "Heavenly Lessons: Things to Know For The New Age" and reveal excerpts from his next book, "Becoming a Galactic Human". All of the information in the first book and some from the next book are based upon his training in the Intergalactic Classroom from age 12-18. 


Time:  2pm– 3pm             (Booth:  229)


Title:   NOT. ONE. MORE. CHILD.’

Speaker:  Regina Marscheider

Description:  For more than 30 years 

Stop Abuse has been saving children from child sexual abuse!! Through their Emmy Award winning educational child abuse prevention marionette program, ‘Simon Says Just Tell’.  Simon, the main character in the show gives children the tools, the voice and the courage to speak out about sexual abuse.  

Stop Abuse reached over a million children throughout the US and Canada!  Tens of thousands of children have learned how to protect themselves from abuse and we have helped put over 200 child molesters in prison just in the Hampton Roads, VA area alone!!   Regina will talk about how Simon’s book, ‘Simon Says Play It Safe’ gives parents and children the language to talk about safety and sensitive issues.

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Time:  3pm– 4pm             (Booth:  R08)


Title:   The 8 Clair Senses & Meditation

               to Open Your Psychic Gifts

Speaker:  Kathy Lamm

Description:  Identify your spiritual psychic senses, connect with your higher self, a higher level of Spiritual teacher, learn about your own gifts and abilities through accessing the Akashic Records.


Learn about the 8 clair senses followed by a meditation  designed to stimulate and open your third eye.

As a healer, my goal is to lead you to the information that will transform your life in a positive direction; to aid in healing body mind and spirit; and help you grow on the cellular and soul level.

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