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 Please arrive 15 mins before the lecture commences.

 Lecture Room:1

 Lecture Room:2

Time:   11am – 12pm                   (Booth: P19)       


Title:   Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading


Speaker:  Amy Gillespie

Description:  Imagine reaching back to your ancestors and understanding their situations .... knowing the gifts and skills you were loaded up with at birth.... as well as the unresolved traumas of their times that are available for healing during your lifetime.


Those unresolved traumas are showing up in your life today - and are an amazing touch-point back to your ancestors experiences - giving you the opportunity to heal them for yourself and for your family line.


Get a macro photograph of your eyes and see the amazing treasure map left for you by your ancestors, and often their images will also be apparent in the photo. Experience the world of Irigenics and the world of your ancestors. They have waited your whole life for you to find them.

Amy Gillespie.png

 Time:  12pm – 1pm                         (Booth: T01)             


Title:  Discovering Your Soul's Purpose.


Speaker: Peter Woodbury, MSW 

                    (Edgar Cayce's A.R.E)

Description:  Peter Woodbury, MSW, has studied the Edgar Cayce readings for over 20 years. As a practicing psychotherapist who also uses hypnotherapy in his work, Woodbury has experience working with people at the soul level.

Join him as he shares knowledge from the Cayce readings that will cover: The role of Soul Groups, Soul Mates and Twin Souls; Karma and Grace; The Importance of the Extraordinary Times we Live in; The Grand Plan of 'Oneness" and Your Place in the Grand Scheme.


Time:   1pm – 2pm                           (Booth: G13 )


Title:    Heidi E. Kent, M.A., CM, C.Ht. and

              Rev. Dr. Marsha G. Cook, C.Ht.

Speaker:  Palmistry-Numerology,

                   The Keys to Your Kingdom


Description: Before you were born, your brilliant soul wrote everything you wanted to accomplish in this life…you wrote it in your hand and in your numbers!


On the wings of magic come and learn the finer points of the hand, spend time with a Master Palmist and with a Master Numerologist and learn about the magical aspects of each!

NEW Heidi Kent.jpg
Marsha Cook.jpg

Time:  2pm – 3pm                               (Booth: V06)


Title:    The ICU Academy, Inspiring Children

               Universally  to "See" without their

               physical eyes

Speaker:  Terri Bowden

Description:  Terri will explain how the ICU programme from the United Kingdom is an exciting development technique for children all around the world. 

Children are taught how to 'see' without their physical eyes, to 'see' with their Higher Consciousness, it is an amazing way to work with children to expand their minds, awareness, learning capabilities and develop their natural gifts.

Terri 2019 portrait.JPG

Time:  3pm - 4pm                              (Booth: G27) 


Title:  Pain Free, More Joy and Balance


Speaker:  Sue Wallace

Description:  Magnetic intuitive Sue Wallace demonstrates her ability to read health concerns and pain areas, then performs balancing and allevites the problems. She teaches what areas of your body create all symtons known as disease, past lives, radiation protection, Cayce's diet and many topics will be covered.

Time:   4pm – 5pm                       (Booth: P16)


Title:  A Natural Long-Term Solution for ADHD,

             Learning Disabilities, & More

Speaker:    Tom Shenk


Description: What causes struggles with FOCUS, EMOTIONS, BEHAVIOR, LEARNING, & SOCIAL SKILLS? Answer: poor communication between different regions in the brain. Come learn how we can now improve this communication, resulting in big, long-term, life-changing improvements.

Time:    5pm – 6pm                       (Booth: P18 )  

Title:  Your Past Lives & How They Connect to

             Everything  That is You


Speaker:   Lynne MacDonald 

Description: This lecture will discuss how your past lives are present in your energy today and everything that you are.  We will talk about how behaviors manifest from past lives as well as our talents and gift, and how that energy manifests in our 3D reality.

Time:   11am – 12pm                     (Table:  A02)


Title:  Characterology - The Key to Great

             Relationships and Intuition

Speaker:   Beverly Elba


Description: In this talk you will learn the Basics of Characterology - a powerful tool of awareness that will help you to understand and get along with the most difficult and complicated people - including your self!


There are 5 basic character structures that once you can identify them, can help you consciously choose different ways of responding that can create affinity and connection with anyone. You will be able to 'read' a persons body language and begin to recognize the energetic information contained in their energy field and chakras.


In this talk we will identify these structures and tools to help shift your communication dynamics with everyone!

Beverly Elba[3416].jpg

Time:   12pm – 1pm                    (Booth: P04)       


Title:   A Holistic Approach to Better Health

Speaker:  Neelam Sethi


Description:  Touch N Heal therapies are designed to manage pain & illness in a natural approach, with long-lasting results and no side-effects, has taken a step ahead by combining various techniques such as Pyramid, Water and Color therapy or PWC Therapy.


This helps in Chakra-balancing, thus eliminating a myriad of health-issues. This is besides her expertise in Su Jok Ayurvedic Reflexology using seeds, magnets and color. TNH has developed therapeutic tools that can be used by oneself - The 4 Essential tools-kit, the Wrist Massager, a Cervical Magnet Belt that helps with Diabetes, Back, Knee, joint pains.

Neelam Sethi,..jpg

Time:   1pm – 2pm                      (Table: P)


Title:  Earth Mother's Heartbeat, Our Heartbeat


Speaker:  LaKota OneHeart


Description:  The Earth Mother's heartbeat is awaking. She is waiting for us to join our heartbeats to Hers and become the One-Hearted people a Unity of All.


Time:   2pm – 3pm                 (Table Top: K)


Title:  4G, 5G & What You Can Do to Reduce

             Exposure to EMFs


Speaker:  Cecelia Dawe-Gillis


Description: Everything in the environment effects our health. Cell phones, computer, wireless devices, microwave ovens etc. are part of our life. They permeate our environment and expose us to radio frequency radiation (RFR) that can influence our health.


Learn what you can do to reduce exposure to this environmental health risk to you and your loved ones.

Cecelia Dawe-Gillis 3.JPG

Time:   3pm – 4pm                 (Table Top: P03)


Title:  Pyramids and Crystals, Tools

            for Manifestation


Speaker:  Pari Patri


Description: We will discuss the Laws of Manifestaton and tools that we can use to amplify the effect . We will learn the science behind the crystals and Pyramids and how they support Manifesting our reality faster.

Pari Pari_edited.jpg
Tammy Attama_edited.jpg

Time:   4pm – 5pm                     Booth: G26

Title:  The Sound of Soul


Speaker:  Tammy Attama


Description:  Discover your inner guidance; healing for body, mind, and spirit, and a higher form of creativity by singing this sacred Sound of Soul.


You’re invited to sing HU, the Sound of Soul, followed by quiet contemplation; then enjoy a spiritual conversation in fellowship with other attendees. You'll never be the same! HU can uplift people of any religion, culture, or walk of life.


Regardless of your beliefs or faith, you can sing HU to bring more Divine Love into your life. This simple 20 minute spiritual exercise, practiced daily, can help you experience the Light and Sound of God. 

Time:  5pm - 6pm                      (Booth: R05) 


Title:  Fairies, Gnomes: Myth or Reality


Speaker:  Lai Ubberud

Description:  Do they really exist or are they a product of our imagination? Lai  will explore the history of fairies and elementals and will explain how they are viewed in different countries. She will also tell some personal stories and ask the audience to share some of their experiences. If you have photos of fairies, orbs or leprechauns, please bring them. 




 Lecture Room:1

 Lecture Room:2

Time  12pm – 1pm                        (Booth: R08)


 Title:   Learn Automatic Writing


Speaker:     Tina Bliss


Description: Automatic Writing is one way we receive messages from spirit. Today we work with the angelic realm, spirit guides and the universe. We will start with a grounding, centering and protecting meditation to create a sacred space.


Prophets, Musicians and Artists have been known to channel their work through messages, we will write the messages that are lead by spirit. Please bring a pad and pen with you to attend.  

Time:    1pm – 2pm                          (Booth: G29)  

Title:  Awaken your Ancient Wisdom!


Speaker:   Linda Thunberg

Description:  Is everything happening on all planes of dimensions at once? Is that why we "know" things that we consciously don't know? Is that what intuition is all about?

While sitting in a salt spa in meditation I was given instructions to help people open their ancient wisdom with the help of the Aucturians Calling in information that we already know, as we know everything about ourselves and others somewhere deep inside of us.

We've often heard the third eye referred to as a stargate. As we raise and amplify our own vibration, open our heart center and activate our high heart chakra, we gain access to the higher dimensions. Our pineal gland (third eye) is now able to reveal the higher expressions of ourselves. Come and open to your own wisdom through a guided group hypnosis

Thunberg Headshot 12-18-8(1)_edited.jpg

Time:   2pm – 3pm                     Booth: P08

Title:  Healing Through the Flow of Love


Speaker:  Yosef Nevi'im


Description:  Healing Through the Flow of Love is a discussion and hands on demonstration of healing through the powerful flow of love. Participants will learn how this methodology works, given some guidance about how to recognize and protect their healing, and then be invited to come up and receive healing. Many have been healed instantly of serious illnesses and disorders.

Prophetic Generationa.png

Time:  3pm – 4pm                          (Booth: P18) 

Title:  Soul Transformation &

             Energy Workshop

Speaker:     Lynne MacDonald 


Description:   Master Soul Transformation Group Event Clearing/Healing:  Come and Experience Super Advanced Soul Transformational Energy Work.  


The price for one hour is usually $150.  In this Exclusive class with Master Teacher and Healer, Lynn Rene MacDonald, you will Receive the Benefits of a Soul Transformation for the amazing price of $50, as Lynn’s belief is that Everyone should be able to access the Essentials needed to Super Advance in their Spiritual Journey.  

Time:   12pm – 1pm                       (Booth: P18 )  

Title:  Game Changing Clearing Class


Speaker: Lynn MacDonaold

Description: This class is designed to clear all the unwell that is in your soul that is not working for you.  


Bring your notebook with your list of things you are not happy about within yourself or your Life, and we will clear them from all that you are and your soul.  Get ready for fantastic life changes!  

Time:    1pm – 2pm                       (Booth: G15)


Title:   7 Powerful Marketing Strategies

             for Spiritual Business.

Speaker:  kathy Lamm

Description:   When you decided to start your own spiritual business, offering the world your heart-based services,  you knew that in order for you to serve the world, the world has to know you exist. Your task is to help people to find out about your work in a spiritually aligned way, but how?

During this workshop, you will learn 7 powerful strategies for letting the world know your spiritual business exists and the tools to attract the right clients.

Presenter Kathy Lamm is not only a Transpersonal Psychic Medium but also an Award-Winning Marketer with over 35 years in the field. Currently, she is the Director of Marketing for a Regional Company here in Virginia Beach and simultaneously owns, runs and markets her own spiritual business Connect 2 Spirit.

kathy lamm.jpg
lillian alexender Petersand.jpg

Time:    2pm – 3pm                       (Booth: R01 )  

Title:  Game Changing Clearing Class


Speaker:   Lillian Pederson

Description: Always wanted to connect & work with your Angels? Now is your opportunity! Arrive on time for this guided visualization. Enjoy your experiential and connection. Often people have feelings, perceive colors, and you will be guided to receive an energetic gift from your angelic guide or teacher.


There will be time for questions and sharing after the guided portion of the session. Come, connect and enjoy with Lillian Pederson, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Life Between Lives Therapist & PhD DCH candidate

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