Please arrive 15 mins before the lecture commences.


Time:  10am – 11am                                  (Booth: 147) 

Title: Naturopathic Medicine 101 with Dr. Steele


Speaker: Dr. Erica Steele DNM ND    


Description: Naturopathic Medicine 101 focuses on the ancient principals of Naturopathic Medicine that include individualized care that investigates the internal workings of the personal human organism. Questions and answers will be encouraged as well as examples from previous case studies with scientific validation.

Time:   10am – 11am                                  (Booth: R14)        


Title: Chromotherapy - Using Color & Light for

            Healing  &  Therapy


Speaker:  Jessica Mangum                 


Description: We are all energetic beings. In fact, everything is made up of light energy, and energy is a vibration..or LIGHT. By adding certain vibrational colors to our energy, we can raise our vibration by default!  In this lecture, we will learn how we can incorporate colors in our daily lives to raise our vibrations to feel healthy, happy, and balanced. All attendees will receive a workbook. This will be an interactive experience. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Time:   11am – 12 noon                                  (Booth: 2)


Title: The Difference between Western &

            Japanese Reiki


Speaker:  Frank Arjava Petter      


Description: When the art of Reiki was introduced to the USA by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi in 1937, many of the concepts used in it were unknown to the American public. In the years following some of those concepts were substituted by completely unrelated concepts which altered the practice considerably.


Several generations later more and more New Age ideas entered the teaching making Reiki look like it originated in the West. In this lecture Frank Arjava Petter will share his insights into Japanese culture, philosophy and the original Reiki teaching so a new wholesome image of Reiki steeped in Japanese spirituality will emerge.

Time:   11am – 12 noon                                  (Booth: 1)


Title:  Designing your Destiny with Dream Visions

Speaker:  Kimie Porter


Description: We are all the creators of our destiny, whether consciously or subconsciously.  Join Kimie, founder of NherG Gallery and Co-founder of Goddess Gather G.L.O.B.A.L. as she shares the evolution of Dream Visions and explains how you can utilize the messages of your dreams to help navigate the journey that you consciously design.

Time:   12 noon – 1pm                                  (Booth: 148)  


Title:   A Channelled Healing Meditation


Speaker:  Barry Helm          


Description:  Barry Helm psychic, channel, bodyworker, healer presents A Channelled Healing Meditation assisting those present in their transformational process.

Time:   12 noon -1pm                     (Booth:  93 ) 


Title: Palmistry and Wizard's   Prose.                                                        

Speaker:  Heidi E. Kent, M.A. CM &

                    Rev. Dr. Marsha G. Cook


Description:  Learn the ‘telling aspects’ of the interesting points and lines of the hand. What stories does your hand hold? What were your promises to the Universe? What stories do your words tell? What energies are you projecting? We will tell!

Time:    1pm – 2pm                         (Booth: 9)        


Title:    ‘’God, It’s Not Working!’’


Speaker:  Vincent Genna, MSW       


Description: You’ve read incredible books, attend numerous classes, apply Universal laws and principles, yet you’re left saying over and over, ‘’God, it’s not working!’’ Why? Something deep within you blocks the most important process that makes everything you attempt become a reality. At this lecture, you will learn how to reconnect enabling you to use your sacred gifts to fulfil all your dreams.

Time:   1pm – 2 pm                                       (Booth: 181)      


Title:  Activate Your Energy with Sound

            Vibrational Healing


Speaker:  Estaryia Venus            

Description: Are you ready to activate your energy to the next level so you can create your goals & manifest the life of your dreams? Estaryia will show you how. You will learn how sound vibration can cleanse energetic blockages, re-tune your body and mind and raise your cellular vibration so you can have more energy, clarity of mind and focus and feel connected with your innate wisdom and intuition.

Time:   2pm – 3pm                              (Booth: R04)           


Title:    Our Umbrella of Consciousness


Speaker:  Cecelia Dawe-Gillis        


Description:  Our umbrella of Consciousness is part of our unique experience. It is the water in which we swim and flavors all of our experiences. We develop a connection with the universe which is closely tied to the element of earth, air, fire, and water.

Time:   2pm – 3pm                                           (Booth: 10)


Title:  How Magnified Healing Works


Speaker:  Kathy South           


Description: Kathy South will use her mediumship and connection to the spirits that work with her  to facilitate a very high vibrational healing space for attendees to learn how magnified healing  works.

Time:    3pm – 4pm                               (Booth: 111)


Title:    Chat With The Angels


Speaker:  Chris Alexandria      


Description:  Do you know the angels are always chatting with you? They provide messages daily in many forms. Join Angel Intuitive Chris Alexandria for insights on the various ways the angels are reaching out to you. There will be ample of time for questions

Time:   3pm – 4pm                                      (Booth: 107)


Title: More Energy & Better Health


Speaker:   Sue Wallace           


Description: This lecture will cover magnetic & psychic healing, laying on of the hands, weight loss, effects of the Moon & Sun on health, radiation protection, Cayce’s food, health & diet and rejuvenation techniques

Time:  4pm – 5pm                                 (Booth: R09)


Title:  Surviving Traditional and Holistic Cancer

          Treatment for Patient, Family and Friends


Speaker:  Catherine Ferrier Smith  

Description:  Simple, effective and affordable at-home tools patients, family and friends can assist themselves while coping with the stressful and taxing dilemmas of healing from cancer. Includes Discussion of diet, holistic healing therapies and ways family, or friends can heal themselves as well as the patient.

Time:   4pm - 5pm                                  (Booth: R18)


Title: Healing through your Akashic Records


Speaker:   Bill Sanda   


Description: Accessing energetic lessons of your past lives through your Akashic Records can shift your present life by resolving recurring issues, heal long-standing challenges and empower future growth! In this dynamic, flowing energy your every thought, emotion, feeling, word and action are quantumly recorded and are accessible for your clearing.

Time:  5pm – 6pm                          (Booth: )                   







Time:   5pm – 6pm                                  (Booth: 191)


Title:  Qigong = True Healing


Speaker:    Julie Corliss                     

Description: Come explore something new and revitalizing--Qigong, the universal life force that pulses your blood and heals your body. Supreme Science Qigong routines include specific healing forms, breathing exercises (Warrior's Breath), and food protocols. Learn how to capture true joy and bliss while feeling universal love. You will get to actively participate in a refreshing sample Qigong routine and Healing Breath Work!


Time:  11am – 12pm                             (Booth: R11)


Title:  Mediumship Demonstration with 

            Patricia  Horton


Speaker:  Patty Horton       

Description: We invite you to participate in a unique experience with Patty as she invites you into her world for  a moment.  Patty a gifted Medium will be communicating with those on the other side and sharing with you messages from  guides, teachers and those whom have crossed over. Join us on this day and see who may have a message for you......

Time  11am – 12pm                                  (Booth: R09)                

 Title:   Enter the Divine


Speaker:  Catherine Ferrier Smith


Description:  Any time you allow the Divine to enter your world your life is directed to what is  the highest  good for YOU. Preparing the bodies of the body will remove the ‘surface’ difficulties and bring you to a state of Divine Peace allowing you to move forward in your life from a grounded and aware state and achieve more successful and effective prayer and meditation!

Author, Psychic, Healer and Medium, Catherine Ferrier Smith will teach you  a quick technique so  you may obtain the highest light possible whenever and wherever you need it!  Following  the exercise, Catherine will lead you through a guided meditation to

receive healing and guidance for yourself.

Lecture based upon the books, Enter the Divine and Self Life Coaching; 21 Days That Will Transform Your World; by Catherine Ferrier

Time:   12am – 1pm                                 (Booth: 112)


Title:  4th-Dimensional Healing


Speaker:   Randi Botnick          

Description: Psychic Healer, Medical Intuitive and Author Randi Botnick explains how illness stems from a false belief in separation from Source, and how that results in physical dis-ease. You will learn simple techniques to facilitate your own healing by connecting to your Spiritual Healing Team. Individual questions will be welcome.

Time:   12pm – 1pm                                 (Booth: R03)


Title:  Magical Messages & Mediumship

Speaker:  K. C. Johnson


Description: Magical Messages and Mediumship with K.C. is a wonderful way to become acquainted with her work and be touched by the world of spirit! She will be offering 5 to 10 minute mini-readings depending on the size of the group.


Do you have a beloved on the other side you would like to contact? Are you desiring to know what the next best steps are on your path? Do you have burning questions about your soul growth and karmic lessons? Come and enjoy an entertaining and touching experience with other kindred souls and leave with a better understanding of your part in the Divine Mystery at play! I look forward to meeting you ~ Sweet Blessings on your Journey!

Time:   1pm – 2 pm                                  (Booth: 77 )


Title:  Awaken The Dolphin Within

Speaker:  D.Takara Shelor


Description: Step into your true magnificence, align with the Divine, get into perpetual flow with the Universe through the healing power of dolpins (Angels of the Sea). Be enveloped in their energies. Meet your personal dolphin guide through a powerful activation meditation. Invite joy, grace, and ease into your life.

Time: 1pm –2pm                               (Booth: R23)


Title:   Merlin Meditation and Channelling


Speaker:  Kay Dragon    


Description: We will start out with a Divinely Channelled Meditation to bring up the conscious and energy of the room. I will channel Merlin and perhaps other Ascended Masters as well as allowing Merlin to answer personal questions and give messages if time allows. It is always light and fun!

Time:   2pm – 3pm                             (Booth: 145)             


Title: Psychics 101: The Good, The Bad  & The Cleos!  


Speaker: Corbie Mitleid        


Description:  Most people have only the vaguest idea of what a psychic does – what they are SUPPOSED to do – and how to tell a good one! With a presentation that is fast, funny and informative, Corbie will give you seven easy tools to ensure that you can find what you want and use what you get from the first time you go to a metaphysical counselor.

Time:  2pm – 3pm                                  (Booth:  )


Title:    Breath Empowerment--Breathe Your

               Way To A Healthier You!

Speaker:  Julie Corliss


Description:  Breath Empowerment shares the lost sacred art of breathing protocols from India which allow the participant to acquire as much oxygen into the body as possible and aids the healing process. This much oxygen sustains the body and allows for a higher consciousness (a glimpse of your higher self). Many experience a welcomed feeling of joy, bliss, and universal love after completing just one lesson. This practice can be done seated or lying down. Come give it a try!

Time:   3pm – 4pm                              (Booth: 33)                    

 Title:   The Art of True Light


Speaker: Bette Mozdzen     


Description: Come experience for yourself! The subtle energy you will experience in Sukyo Mahikari is a positive energy of light that can transform you and shift your experience of the world in profound ways. Through receiving this light, you will be able to purify toxic energy out of your spirit, mind and body as well as be able to change your negative attitudes and perceptions into positive ones. Receiving this light and making efforts to change yourself will enable you to revitalize and raise your vibration to a higher level.

Time:   3pm – 4pm                             (Booth: 83 )


Title:    The New Beatitudes

Speaker:  Keith Davis


Description: Keith Davis will introduce The New Beatitudes, given to her through divine guidance from Jesus Christ. The New Beatitudes are keys to spirituality and empowerments for being that reveal the truth of life. Through them you will realize who you are, what you are, and why you are here now. They will also inspire you to be your greatest, divine potential and create your best life now. And so may we be.

Time  4pm – 5pm                         (Booth: 128)                    


Title:   Fast Lane to True Happiness


Speaker:  Lynn Rene MacDonald    


Description: Wondering why you are never really happy?... Or why you are unwell?... In this lecture you will learn how to obtain true happiness. You will get the God's Honest approach that will help you chasnge your life in the best way. You will discover why, what you have done before in your life to make happy, has never really worked. Here is the deal, simple, direct and to the point. Get ready  for a big positive change in your life.

Time:   4pm – 5pm                               (Booth: R16 )


Title:  Start The Light Portal

Speaker:  Antoine The Light Portal


Description:  A Light Portal channels at a higher frequency. All Holographic Mediums and Light Portals are living proof we experience life in our 5 senses holographic reality. A Light Portal works in two primary ways: Remote Soul Alignment and Holographic Mediumship or "technically" speaking Quantum Transfigurational Mediumship.


Holographic mediumship successfully releases two of the most powerful fears from the human psyche: the fear of no life after death and the fear of being alone. The individual sits in front of the Light Portal shortly after physical changes in the Light Portal begin to appear. Progressively, the Light Portal’s face will get blurry and disappear, allowing the face of your departed loved ones, spiritual guides to appear in a partial or full physical form to deliver an empowering message for personal and spiritual growth.

Time:    5pm – 6pm                               (Booth: 190)      


Title:   Angels Seen - Unseen World & Learn to see                    Aura


Speaker:  Kat Cook     


Description: Angels Seen - Unseen World - Angels are here to help us from God/Our Creator & connect. Learn to see aura, clearing unhealthy energies with sound & meditate easy. Create positive thoughts & feelings easily. Kat is an Intuitive, Reader, Angels Teacher, Shaman, Reiki Master, aided by Angels of God - Love. Booth 187 Drawing chart & report of your choice

Time:  6pm – 7pm                                  (Booth: 157)       


Title: Planet of the Sleeping Gods-Thelema, Magick                  & the Future of Humanity


Speaker:  Thomas Michael Caldwell       

Description: What is Thelema? What is the story behind it? Where did it come from? Is it just one of many occult traditions that came into existence during the 20th Century? Or is it the key to understanding the next phase of human evolution? Come learn the facts and the fictions and how one can implement the principle behind it for their own betterment, and that of the world as a whole.