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 Please arrive 15 mins before the lecture commences.

SATURDAY- Lecture Room: 1

Time:   11am – 12pm                             (Booth: P19)           


Title:   Irigenics Ancestral Eye Reading


Speaker:  Amy Gillespie

Description:  Imagine reaching back to your ancestors and understanding their situations .... knowing the gifts and skills you were loaded up with at birth.... as well as the unresolved traumas of their times that are available for healing during your lifetime.


Those unresolved traumas are showing up in your life today - and are an amazing touch-point back to your ancestors experiences - giving you the opportunity to heal them for yourself and for your family line.


Get a macro photograph of your eyes and see the amazing treasure map left for you by your ancestors, and often their images will also be apparent in the photo. Experience the world of Irigenics and the world of your ancestors. They have waited your whole life for you to find them.

Amy Gillespie.png

 Time:  12pm – 1pm                             (Booth: T01)             


Title:  Discovering Your Soul's Purpose.


Speaker:   Peter Woodbury, MSW  (Edgar Cayce's A.R.E)

Description:  Peter Woodbury, MSW, has studied the Edgar Cayce readings for over 20 years. As a practicing psychotherapist who also uses hypnotherapy in his work, Woodbury has experience working with people at the soul level.

Join him as he shares knowledge from the Cayce readings that will cover: The role of Soul Groups, Soul Mates and Twin Souls; Karma and Grace; The Importance of the Extraordinary Times we Live in; The Grand Plan of 'Oneness" and Your Place in the Grand Scheme.


Time:   1pm – 2pm                                 (Booth: G13 )


Title:    Heidi E. Kent, M.A., CM, C.Ht. and

              Rev. Dr. Marsha G. Cook, C.Ht.

Speaker:  Palmistry-Numerology,

                   The Keys to Your Kingdom


Description: Before you were born, your brilliant soul wrote everything you wanted to accomplish in this life…you wrote it in your hand and in your numbers!


On the wings of magic come and learn the finer points of the hand, spend time with a Master Palmist and with a Master Numerologist and learn about the magical aspects of each!

NEW Heidi Kent.jpg
Marsha Cook.jpg

Time:  2pm – 3pm                                    (Booth:  )


Title:    The ICU Academy, Inspiring Children Universally

               to "See" without their physical eyes

Speaker:  Terri Bowden

Description:  Terri will explain how the ICU programme from the United Kingdom is an exciting development technique for children all around the world. 

Children are taught how to 'see' without their physical eyes, to 'see' with their Higher Consciousness, it is an amazing way work with children to expand their minds, awareness, learning capabilities and develop their natural gifts

How to find lost objects or water,  check your chakra centers are in & out of balance, energy fields, & more.  Learn how to test (kinesiology) food and items for your good. What foods, water, cell phones are good or bad for you by connecting to the Divine and universal wisdom.


Terri 2019 portrait.JPG

Time:   4pm – 5pm                                       (Booth: R07)


Title:  The Frequency of Healing: How sound healing, energy work and meditation promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Speaker:    Laura Sabados


Description: Experience healing through meditation and exercises using frequency and vibration to release energies that affect your overall health and wellness. Learn techniques you can use at home

Time:   4pm – 5pm                     Booth: 132

Title:  Walking a Spiritual Path through Trauma


Speaker:  M.E. Hart, J.D


Description:  M.E. Hart, J.D. is an author, poet, Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Cayce Intuitive Life Coach.   In this thoughtful and fun talk, Hart will share poems, stories, and insights highlighting the spiritual quest to thriving.


We all face challenges just living life. Edgar Cayce, known as the father of the New Age movement
said, “Spirit is the life…” Exploring Cayce's material helped reawaken Hart’s connection to spirit. Connecting to spirit, we can heal from within.

Time:   5pm – 6pm                          (Booth: 123)

Title: What your heart line Says About

           Your Relationship


Speaker:   Ceclia dawe-Gillis


Description: Your heart line is a reflection of who you are in relationships and how you want to be loved. When you are true to your heart-line type the world unfolds in new vistas.


During this interactive workshop you will learn how to identify your basic heart line type . You will learn the difference between me'ish and you'ish persons, which one you are, and the importance of being true to your heart line type.

Time:   6pm – 7pm                          (Booth: 153 )

Title:    Unleashing The Moses Code & Activating

             The Power in your Daily Life to Create Miracles

Speaker:   Kathy Lamm


Description:   Moses received from God the most powerful manifestation code – a code created to set the world free. Is it possible for you to use this same secret today and for the rest of your life, achieving what the rest of the world would call “miraculous”?  Join Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Kathy Lamm for this profound discussion and discover how to unlock the the secret of how to achieve all your dreams, easily and automatically, attracting into your life everything you have ever desired.

SUNDAY- Lecture Room: 1

Time:  12pm – 1pm                                  (Booth:  R04) 

Title: Akashic Records ~ The Soul's Ongoing Journey


Speaker: Jacqueline M Lunger


Description: Akashic Records~ The Soul's Ongoing Journey portrays the philosophy of reincarnation in a variety of styles and planes of existence. The term came into awareness during the Victorian period and most recently via Edgar Cayce's (The Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach) trance readings during the last century.


The Akasha record and connect the lessons and growth of our constant and eternal Soul's transformations through time and space. The material is worth attention in the here and now. Mystics, Seekers and Skeptics are all welcome.

Time:    1pm – 2pm                                 (Booth: 164)  

Title:  Heal Thy Self!  Edgar Cayce’s Healing Remedies in

            the Modern Age


Speaker:    Dr. Jean Paul (JP) Amonte

Description:  Dr. Jean Paul (JP) Amonte will talk about the most important aspects of Cayce’s holistic health approach with recent research and evidence. Dr. Amonte serves as Lead Clinician of the A.R.E. Health Center and Spa as well as a Senior Instructor at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage.


After completing his bachelor’s in Psychology and Biochemistry at Wake Forest University, he enrolled at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage. While working as a massage therapist, he completed his certificate in Hypnotherapy. Then, in 2007, he moved to California and earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College West. Dr. Amonte will talk about the most important aspects of Cayce’s holistic health approach with recent research and evidence.

Time:  2pm – 3pm                                (Booth: 111)


Title: Raising Vibrational Frequencies To Align With

           Planetary Shifts


Speaker: Jennye Johnson


Description: With the focus on Reiki and Tuning Fork Vibrational Facilitations, a discussion and demonstration will be offered for clearing energetic blockages we carry within us, keeping us stuck in patterns that do not work.


Raising vibrational frequencies can increase intuition and healing of emotional-physical-mental-spiritual blocks that prevent a connection to Source Energy and our Guides. Learn how to identify energetic blocks, and how to develop a practice to keep a clear and higher vibrational frequency and in turn, live a more peaceful life in these changing times of Planetary Shifts.

Time:   3pm – 4pm                          (Booth: 132 )

Title:    Ideals: Tools for Living

Speaker:   Cindy Griffith, MA


Description:   Think of your Ideals as your Northern Star, your Best Friend, and your Spiritual Coach! Edgar Cayce  recommended that you use your Ideal to guide you when you reach a fork in the road.


Your presenter, Cindy Griffith, MA, is a psychic, metaphysics teacher, and author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives and Grow Your Spiritual Business. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Spiritual Counselling and  Healing and a Masters in Consciousness Development. She teaches many metaphysical topics, including spiritual and psychic development.

Time:   4pm – 5pm                     (Booth: R01)

Title:    Discovering your ancestors in your eyes


Speaker:  Amy Gillespie


Description: Imagine you could travel back in time to hear the greatest words of advice from your ancestors, even if you were adopted. We were each born with the map of our ancestor’s trials, tribulations and greatest gifts & talents in our eyes. Science is finally realizing that we do inherit our ancestor’s memories and talents through epigenetics. Discover what your eyes could be telling you through the imprints in your eyes.

SATURDAY- Lecture Room:2

Time:   11am – 12pm                               Booth: (121)


Title:  Love, Crazy Love

Speaker:   Sharon Sampsel


Description: If love is all there is, why is it so crazy!  Listen to Sharon Sampsel use her 27 years of reading experience explain the differences between Soul Mates, Life Mates and Play Mates and what works best for you.  Get your love life questions answered by one of California's Top Psychics in this up lifting presentation.

Sharon is a fun, upbeat and very informative lecturer with over 20 years of professional reading, teaching and lecturing experience. 

Time:   12pm – 1pm                      (Booth: 156)


Title:  Have Increase Energy; Be Pain Free; Have



Speaker:  Sue Wallace


Description: Be pain -free, feel lightness, stop free radical damage to your body and increase your sense of peace, joy and happiness.


Sue Wallace has helped thousands of people over the past  45 years of healing and magnetic therapy, don't miss this one! 

Time:   1pm – 2pm                                    (Booth: R14)  


Title:   Proving Reincarnation Through Mediumship and               Academic Research

Speaker:  Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSASCOT       


Description:  Deborah Richmond Foulkes, FSAScot, CM is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Past Life Regression practitioner, recognized historian and award winning author with six books written with Spirit on the subject of Reincarnation.


The lecture is about how Deborah acquired historical facts from Spirit about their lives through Mediumship and then validated the information through academic research. Messages at random about Past Lives will be given to some in the audience. An exciting, fast paced seminar leaving everyone excited to know more about Reincarnation to heal from Past Lives.

Time:   2pm – 3pm                 (Booth: 112)


Title:  How to stay young the first 100 years 


Speaker:  Doris Nwachukwu


Description: A 20 to 30 minutes presentation about “How to stay young the 1st 100 years.” The slides talk about: · Studies that life span will be significantly increasing by the year 2050 · Nutrition and anti-aging facts · Preventive methods to enhance overall health and productivity and · Tips to increase life span etc.

Time:   3pm – 4pm                 (Booth:127 )


Title:  Essential Oils for Holistic and Spiritual use


Speaker:  Noelle Blythe


Description: Join us as we journey through as several essential oils for Cleansing, Enlightenment, Meditation, and Personal Health. The first 10 people will get a booklet on basic oil use.

Time:  3pm - 4pm                                     (Booth: A01) 


Title:  Tarot For Fun


Speaker:  Lai Ubberud

Description:  What do Tarot Cards really say to people? Do they answer questions? Lai will make a demonstration of the cards meanings by letting one person at the time take a card for a specific question and she will explain what that card means to that particular question. She will do this to as many people as time allows.

Time:   5pm – 6pm                                   (Booth: 114)


Title:  Child Sexual Abuse - The Silent Epidemic


Speaker:   Reginia  Marscheider


Description: Regina Marscheider, Executive Director of Stop Abuse, will present a lecture on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. One of the most serious problems affecting our children, families and communities, it causes devastating suffering, long-term consequences.


1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys will experience sexual abuse before they are 18 years old. Children of both genders, every age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and family structure are at risk.   Yet this form of abuse is still regarded as “taboo”, something to be ignored.    

Time:   6pm – 7pm                      Booth: 

Title:  Family Vibes Sound Healing Workshop


Speaker:  Brien Egan


Description:  Brien will be exploring the healing power of sound healing for kids and adults. We will work on chanting and toning, using sound healing bowls, resonance and group toning with a sound meditation to finish.




 SUNDAY-Lecture Room: 2

Time:  12pm – 1pm                            (Booth: 106)        


 Title:     Déjà vu -Past Life Regression

Speaker:  Linda Thunberg


Description:  Remember a person you met in this lifetime and you knew them instantly? Or a place you knew even though you hadn’t been there before?

Experience a Past Life Regression to another time and place where you first met that person or where is that place again with Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Linda Thunberg. Learn how regression can help you overcome blocks in your life and also bring back moments of joy within your soul.

Time  1pm – 2pm                            (Booth: R08)


 Title:   Learn Automatic Writing


Speaker:     Tina Bliss


Description:  Automatic Writing is one way we receive messages from spirit. Today we work with the angelic realm, spirit guides and the universe. We will start with a grounding, centering and protecting meditation to create a sacred space.


Prophets, Musicians and Artists have been known to channel their work through messages, we will write the messages that are lead by spirit.


Please bring a pad and pen with you to attend.  

Time:    2pm – 3pm                                 (Booth: 150 )  

Title:  Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing


Speaker: Michael Porter and Tammy Attama

Description: You are invited to begin your journey of spiritual healing! What is the greatest creative force you can use for healing? How do miracles occur? Where does healing come from? How can you heal the past to help yourself now? Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing will help you find the answers to these questions and many more. Inspiring stories, spiritual exercises, and activities will be shared to aide you on your journey.


See yourself and your state of health from a higher perspective than you’ve likely ever imagined possible. “Divine Spirit often heals through the field of medicine and guides you to the doctor who is right for your condition. Yet the ways of healing by Divine Spirit are truly endless.” A complimentary copy of the book, Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing, will be available while supplies last. Look forward to meeting you!

Time:    3pm – 4pm                                 (Booth: 163 )  

Title:  Your past lives & how they connect to everything

             that is you


Speaker:      Lynne MacDonald 

Description: This lecture will discuss how your past lives are present in your energy today and everything that you are.  

We will talk about how behaviors manifest from past lives as well as our talents and gift, and how that energy manifests in our 3D reality.

Time:   4pm – 5pm                     (Booth: )






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